I think you look lovely.

Skye in every episode: The Magical Place (1x11)

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I have walked there sometimes …

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First look image of Cillian Murphy for Peaky Blinders Series 2

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Women are more resilient than given credit for, and some women, 
let’s just say their oppressors better watch out.

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hanna marin (◕‿◕✿)

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lost girl meme: [5/6] friendships » Bo and Kenzi
- She’s Kenzi. She’s smart, and honest, and kind. And she makes me feel normal. And special. All at the same time. She is my heart, Tamsin.
- Dyson, she loves you, yes, she loves Lauren. But you know that it’s me. I am her heart, you know that. […] I will wait for Bo in Valhalla. You know that she’ll never stop looking for me, she will never stop fighting to bring me home.

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#subtle elena #secretly fucking #the whole class is thinking it #even klaus was thinking it #shit am i fucking her #well is alaric fucking her? #god i don’t even know #fucking doppelgangers

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