Thoughts on Angel

- Favorite male character: Wesley. I love how his character evolves over the years and how he’s always doing the wrong things for the right reasons and how flawed and complex he is.
- Favorite female character: Definitely Cordelia. I adored her on Buffy, and grew to love her even more on Angel. She was able to grow up and become an adult in a way that the characters on Buffy were never able to do, and I hate that no one from Buffy was ever able to acknowledge that.
- Least favorite character: Honestly, I don’t really have one? There are plenty of annoying characters (Kate, Gavin, Eve, Connor, etc.) but none that I really straight up hate.
- Prettiest character: Cordelia!
- Funniest character: Hmm, are any of the characters really that funny? I guess I’m gonna go with Lilah, if just for her awesome one-liners.
- Favorite season: Augh, this is such a hard question. I love so much about what season 4 chooses to be, but then at the same time Cordy’s storyline exists, so I can’t pick it. I think I’m going to go with season 3. First off, I loved the way they handled Buffy’s death and Angel realizing that it didn’t kill him and thus that he was over her. Angel and Cordy’s relationship was deepened, there was some incredible Angel/Darla stuff (the scene in Lullaby where Darla talks about feeling Connor’s soul kills me every time), Wesley’s betrayal arc was so compelling, iirc Fred was handled better than she was in later seasons and I love her and Gunn together, there was adorable baby Connor and dad!Angel, etc. etc. etc.
- Favorite episode: “You’re Welcome,” which is depressing and heartbreaking but also perfect and I love everything about it. Nothing could make up for what Cordy went through in season 4, but at least she was able to come back and be gorgeous and flawless with perfect hair and be given a proper and respectful sendoff. *sob*
- Favorite romantic ship: Wes/Lilah. Just…they are flawless. Their relationship was the perfect culmination of Wesley’s season 3 arc and I love how it just started out as hate sex and then it grew into something more, and how neither of them would ever admit that they loved the other, but that they truly did. And anyone who thinks otherwise is watching the show wrong. Of course Lilah died and it was so heartbreaking and depressing and I hate that she didn’t show up in S5, but honestly, it’s not like it could have ended any other way. At this point I just want to recommend that everyone read Elyssa’s brilliant Wes/Lilah manifesto because it is perfect.
- Favorite family ship: There aren’t really any families on this show (at least any biological ones, that is), but definitely Connor and Angel. I admit I found Connor annoying a lot of the time, but just…what his presence does for Angel as a character is incomparable.
- Favorite friendship: Angel and Cordy. I really don’t want to diminish the romantic aspect of their relationship, because unfortunately that happens all of the time in this fandom, but their friendship is amazing. Angel smiles around her and his face lights up around her and no other character ever affects him the way she does.
- Worst ship: Wes/Fred. There are no other correct answers.

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